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NZ Centre for Gifted Education and One day School
New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education operates 5 services including: two one-day-a -week programmes for primary-aged students, One Day School and Gifted Kids; Small Poppies – a preschool programme; Gifted Online – a web-based programme; and Gifted Kids Consult – gifted education for educators and parents. New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education is non-profit company with charitable status.
New Zealand Association for Gifted Children
The NZAGC provides support to the Branches and their members including; Tall Poppies, a magazine with a focus on gifted children and their families, a library of books, audio and video tapes, games and pamphlets, and an on-line forum for discussion of any issues to do with gifted children.

"This is an interesting and useful book for all parents and teachers of gifted and talented children. It reflects the questions families often ask and provides information about identifying giftedness. It suggests ways parents and teachers can work in partnership to support the learning of gifted and talented children."

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